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Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal or Trekking in Nepal is not just a walking uphill and downhill or cross the high mountain passes or suspension bridges. Trekking means exploring and enjoying the scenery at unspoiled wilderness trail, view crystal clear mountains, enjoyed glacier water fall scenery, study of flora / fauna, feel difference between fresh air and thin air, see cultural differences of ethnic groups and look birds and mammals / reptiles / insects. Overall improved physical health immensely, spending multiple hours on the trail, ascending hills give your body workout, agility, strength and cardio fitness. Trekking keeps your mind, body and soul healthy, improve your blood pressure, providing your body higher level of oxygen.

Exotic Mt. Treks Pvt. Ltd. has been providing well experience trekking team and mountaineering team. We wish to welcome our partners, friends, clients, Nepal adventure expert teams to use our well trend dedicated three decade professional staffs for your trekking safety and happiness.   

Why with Exotic Mt. Treks Pvt. Ltd.?

Trekking and climbing staffs:  Well trend wealth experience, loyal, friendly deep understanding of mountain trekking guides, technical mountain skills and safety climbing Sherpas, reliability and credibility dedicated team with the sprint of exploration at new destination compel your sojourn a memorable.

Cook: Adaptable and innovative cook and kitchen boys make hygienic safe vegetable or non vegetable meals during camping trek and expedition.

Infrastructure:  Use luxuries Air condition or non air condition vehicles as per group size and requirement with 100 % safety record drivers. A well branded trekking supplies such as tents / jackets / clothing provide safety performance to you and our trekking and mountaineering team. 

Cultural guide:  Efficient cultural heritage city tours guides with French, German and Italy languages for different markets if English language is not sufficent.    

Rate: We have built good price from our suppliers because we handle large number guests from different part of the world. Best agent rate for highest quality trek / Thrill of white water rafting / culture heritage tours / Jungle tours and mountaineering expedition in Nepal and Tibet from one door. Start menus for new agents, which may help to get in start and future.

Environment: We pay high attention to environments and culture sensitivity and responsibility of Himalaya regions. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

Dedicated service: We share our enthusiasm, strength, connections, and ability to compel things happened. We have been learnt mountain passion, nature and different local people of our beautiful mountain terrain. We try to keep our natural beauty as its originality. Our skillful knowledgeable experts and their understanding provide tremendous customer services, and also extend new ideas what we have learnt from daily mountainous activities hand to hand with our partners and our team. Our more than two decades experience of adventure tourism and exploration of the mountains / rivers / wild life jungle activities teach us what to do.

Prompt response: Sales men of our head office based in Kathmandu will get back to you within 24 hrs response once you table questions and comments. We are always ready to assist your travel planning or amendment your trip plan once you are here.

Up to the date information: Our teams are always in the trekking fields which means we are up-to-date with the latest information. Conversely, we try our level best in getting any sort of information from our informative guides and helpers in order to make a trip meaning full.

Money value: We have built our reputation and well established which means quality services. Ensuring you that the value of money does not necessarily mean being the cheapest. Experience lift a holiday out of the ordinary.  Few companies may match our standard services and prices when comparing like for like.

Flexibility: The itinerary we have provided in our official site to let you know to make your general ideas. We make tailor made itinerary upon your time, demand and places of trips ideally. We will be pleased to work with you to furthest extent possible. Whilst in general, we stick to the published route though middle of the trip to allow for emergencies and will not burden you with additional expenses as long as the proposed changes do not affect the flight, permits and cost.

State-of -the-art equipments: Of course, equipments are another element of being prepared for anything. We use the best equipment available. Our vehicles are the best available and drivers are professional and hundred percent safety record till now. Comfort and safety is our motto. For trekking, mountaineering and rafting trips we provide the best available tents by worlds renowned company or ones that we have designed and have had custom manufactured here in Kathmandu. On above 5500 meters trek we will use a hyperbaric portable Altitude Chamber, Oxygen Cylinders, satellite phone and as well as pulse Oxy meters upon request. These are limited in supply, except for the bottled oxygen and need to be booked in advance.

The best network: We have largest network in our mother country and out side the world. Our fully manned offices in Kathmandu and its agents in every city where the friendly staffs are able to assist to book hotel, flight tickets, sightseeing and any adventure inbound and out bound tours at the last hrs.
Travelling to hazard area may occurs different sign of the existence of something. The further presence allows us to respond to any last moment changes or happen that you wish to effect to your travel plans or which may be necessitated due to any number of reasons. Our Kathmandu office is fully computerized and able to track your holiday from the moment you arrived in Nepal to the time of your depart.
Of course, our largest worldwide networking tour operators might help you to design your trips too. Incase you want to book your trip through your nearest agent, please write us for the addresses.

Safety: Safety concerned the first priority in order to build long term service goal. We always take seriously to ensure that health and safety tiny matters of our customers will be taken care of under their advice. We never skip or cut corners to our valuable participants. Thus, enabling you to relax totally and enjoy your sojourn our safety record is hundred percent guaranteed. Our well trained professional field and office staffs leading the adventure travel service in emergency wilderness first aid and can get the person out of trouble faster than anyone else. Leaders are selected for their personality, their experience and wealth of knowledge which cope customer support and their expectation at remote areas trekking / mountaineering or in excursion tours in different cities.

Group and individual: We accept group and individual travelers under the age of 75 years old. Travelling together and share common interests are irrespective of age. We knew from our experience to recognize the fact that group travel does not suit everyone. Whatever the reasons, your choice of holiday for individual or group joining basis trips may featured in this site. Our travel arrangements have been taken care smoothly. 

Friendly, helpful and professional teams: With out friendly / helpful staffs, technical wizardry and networking at our disposal would mean nothing, who will look after right from the arrival to the time of your departure in legendary Nepalese style. Finding directions to the right restaurants or doctor after visiting the wrong one or shipping of your shopping or miss directed baggage on arrival or a case of having to be evacuated from high altitudes or not being able to catch your connecting flight due to the bad weather we will help you every step of the way during your stay,  whether you are in city or in high mountain. Our porters, field and office staffs are well paid and insured against personal accident. We believe without happy staffs we can’t success your task. Incentive and facilities are given such a tour allowance, festival allowance and paid holiday.

Responsible tourism and environment friendly: As we all know that pollution takes away the beauty and threatens the fragile ecosystem of the world. Nepal has impressive and an incredibly fragile environment. We therefore have taken steps to protect mountain and river and warn our friends / families / neighbor from our side. We do not use wood during our trekking and mountain trips and always try to keep clean our camp site. At the same time we trust to preserve our wild life habitats for our future generations and present animals.

Cultural respect and give back to the communities: we have been taught to respect the local cultures of the places that they visit and guide out clients. Besides from us, you will be learn from the people of the Himalayas about their way of life, cultures, customs and beliefs. Our program are designed to met the local people and interact with them. To do these things we should not for get to ask that you be sensitive to their way of life. These work wonder in bridging the language and culture barrier.

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