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Responsible Tourism

Exotic Mt. Treks Pvt. Ltd. has been supporting eco and sustainable tourism in Nepal. We have been promoting new concept and exploring new trekking routes, community stay program. Village tourism where local can generate direct and indirect benefit such as financially / culturally exchange, socially improvement by talking, listening, traditional way working style at firm by using their man power.

We have done few projects related to environmental task, educational teaching and repair and built schools within Nepal at remote area, where are not enough basic class rooms to study even for primary level students. 

Our nature of business is Nepal adventure tourism such as trekking, mountaineering and exploring new area in Nepal Himalaya. Downhill river rafting and Jungle safari in plain land are so common activities in Nepal.  To do all the Nepal adventure tourism attractions we have few following guide lines.

A.      Provide medical care including insurance for porters and trekking guide.

B.     We provide enough clothing to porters. This means hat, glove, sunglasses, socks, good enough footwear and warm jacket.

C.    Porters should get pay because of injury, frostbite, injury altitude and etc. Sufficient funds should be provided to cover rescue and treatment.

D.    Above the tree line, porters are provided shelter in lodges or in tent including sleeping pad, blanket and cooking equipments and meals.

E.     Maximum 25 Kg load limits to be adjusted for high altitude porter. 

F.     Respect local cultures and grand back to the local communities.

G.    Use environment friendly fuel and utensil to keep nature beauty and fragile ecosystem of the country.

H.    Applying sustainable tourism and practice.

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Published on: Friday, June 28th, 2013

Dear Shankar, We are back in Germany, full of impressions and new experiences. It was a very great journey in Nepal and Tibet, without any problems. That's why we have to say a big THANKS to you and your friend for the perfect organization. I think that this kind of contact between an ... Peter, Germany

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Friday, July 27th, 2012

Langtang trekking has been opening for group and solo trekkers since 2016 Autumn, after the earth quake of April 2015. Everything is recovered to operate trekking packages. With over 50 holiday ...


Friday, July 27th, 2012

Welcome to Nepal...!   In up comming season, we offer: 1. Discount Tour packages,  Discount trekking package with our trekking and mountaineering guide and porter. 2. Discount ...